What’s Next …

As I sit in the break room at work watching people come and go, I can’t help to notice everyone carrying a mobile phone. Most people walked to the elevator, pushed the button, and got on the elevator with complete ease and never looked up. Even the people getting off the elevator were glancing down at their phone – like they actually had coverage while in the elevator – so maybe it’s just a safety vice at that point. We’ve seen over the past decade how technology continues to change and becoming more constant and instantaneous. As humans, we feel the need for a connection; it’s completely natural. Emerging media and digital resources have provided us that constant connection we so desire. I must admit, I constantly have my iPhone in hand perusing my Twitter account for daily news, my Facebook page to see what friends and family are doing, and whatever cool app I just downloaded while driving to work. It’s fantastic and can’t wait to see what’s next.

All this constant connection makes me wonder what we’re connected to. Are we using these great resources for the right reasons or is it just to fill dead-space in our daily routine? I see people connected while in their car at stop lights, on the commuter train to and from work, walking through city traffic, at the coffee shop; literally almost everywhere, and why, because we can.

As I was researching and thinking about my first post, I came across this amazingly resourceful article by Ben Parr and instantly realized this is why we need emerging media with new technology. When natural disasters cause such human tragedy, I find our society can be very generous. As marketers, we need to make sure we’re utilizing digital to its greatest impact. This is only the beginning of where technology will take us, and it really does make us ask, what’s next?

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