“Everything communicates…everything that is static will become dynamic,” said Wendy Clark of Coca-Cola at the Ad Age Digital Conference, the premier event highlighting how technology is changing the marketing landscape and consumer behavior.

This statement is so true and it’s amazing and fun to watch it all unfold. This new product introduced last week by  Vibrant, the in-context ad guys, shows how amazing and emerging technology can be. The company, which has become pretty well-known for its double-green-line ads is adding video to its display ad product. The concept of what it can do is so cool. Make sure to read more about it because I’m positive you’ll be hearing much more in the coming weeks.

‘The new product, called VIA Dynamic, according to a company statement, will ‘leverage the power of contextual by delivering video that dynamically changes to match the page content.’

“So, think about those double green lines that you’re accustomed to seeing on Business Insider and MSNBC. Now, imagine the ad with video that changes with the content on the page. That’s a pretty powerful tool.”

“Vibrant offers the leading tech platform for understanding content and empowering advertising to become relevant to a Web page in real-time,” said Anna Kassoway, SVP Marketing and Creative.

The Internet is finally delivering on its promise of a more relevant advertising experience for consumers and smarter brand engagement for marketers.


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